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Here in the heart of Pennsylvania’s Allegheny Mountains, the Trans Allegheny Trails are a system of rail-trails – with attitude. Parts of them are almost level, while other sections are downright challenging. That’s part of the fun for riders who like to get their hearts pumping and don’t mind breaking a sweat.  

You don’t have to be that kind of rider to enjoy the Trans Allegheny Trails, though! Most sections are typical rail-trail (less than 3% grade) and run through some of the Alleghenies’ most beautiful scenery.

And these trails have all of the historic character of the Alleghenies themselves. You’ll see:PA Hiking and Biking Trails

  • The oldest railroad tunnel in America
  • A flood-control dam
  • Iron furnaces
  • Picturesque bridges
  • Amazing stonework
  • Old tow paths
  • The watercourse of a historic flood.

This website explores all of that and more! Whether you are a hard or easy rider, you’ll find trails that suit your style. Come for a day, a weekend or a week! Tools here will help you to decide which trails to ride, build an itinerary, get directions, interactive maps and find the necessary amenities of bike shops, food and lodging.


Trans Allegheny Trails:
Experience a region of rail-trails with attitude!

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