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  • “Hoodlebug” is the name of a self-propelled railcar that once ran on this line.
  • The rail-trail’s length is 10.5 miles.
  • The rail-trail passes through Homer City which offers restaurants and stores.
  • Floodway Park is another trailhead that offers amenities and a local history museum.



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Hoodlebug Trail

“Hoodlebug” was the local nickname for the self-propelled passenger coach that ran on the Indiana Branch of the Pennsylvania Railroad line until 1940. Now it’s the name for this delightful trail that runs more than 10 miles from Blacklick to Indiana (PA). The Hoodlebug Trail also connects to the Ghost Town Trail in John P. Saylor Park near Blacklick, which enables bicyclists to ride 42 miles from the Cambria County seat of Ebensburg to the Indiana County seat of Indiana. Also located in Indiana are the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and all of amenities and cultural assets of a university community.

Trail Description

For much of its distance, the Hoodlebug Trail parallels U.S. Route 119 as a dedicated rail-trail and offers easy riding. Its northern-most trailhead is at Rose Street on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania’s South Campus, and its southern terminus is in John P. Saylor Park. There also is a three-mile on-street section that runs from Saylor Park to Cornell Road.


Trail Challenges

  •  The three-mile on-street section from Saylor Park to Cornell Road contains some moderate grades.
  •  There is a moderate elevation change near the northern end of the rail-trail.
  •  Facilities at Saylor Park are maintained by Burrell Township.







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