6 to 10 Trail, Gallitzin to Foot of Ten PA

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Quick Notes

  •  Only the first four miles of this trail can be bicycled. The remaining six miles are for hiking only.
  • There is one challenging road crossing for bicyclists.
  • Hikers will encounter some moderately difficult slopes.
  • Wear bright colors if on the trail during hunting seasons.
  •  Pets must be on leashes no longer than six feet.


6 to 10 Trail

6 to 10 Trail

This trail climbs the mighty Allegheny Front! While it may not look imposing today, historically, the Allegheny Front was mighty. Before the early 19th century, only the toughest travelers could handle its rugged, steep slopes and labyrinthine passes. The Allegheny Portage Railroad conquered the Front and changed everything. Through its system of level and inclined tracks, people and freight could be lifted up and over the Allegheny summit.

Trail Description

The 6 to 10 Trail follows much of the same right-of-way, during its 10-mile climb from the foot of Incline 10 to the Allegheny Portage Railroad National Historic Site Visitors Center beyond the top of Incline 6. Bicyclists easily can ride about four miles from the Foot of Ten to Muleshoe. However, hikers only are permitted on the six-mile section above Muleshoe to the Visitors Center.



  •  Bicyclists will need to be wary of the crossing at Valley Forge Road, about 1.5 miles from the Foot of Ten trailhead. Approaches are steep and oncoming traffic is not very visible. Please use extra caution.
  • Motorized traffic is permitted on about 1.5 miles of the trail below Muleshoe to parking areas.
  • Hikers will encounter steep slopes of moderate difficulty about one to two miles above Muleshoe (four to five miles below the Visitors Center).


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