Trans Allegheny Trails

In July of 2011, the Rails-to-Trails Conservancy brought its annual Greenway Sojourn to a collection of trails within the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. After working together to prepare for the RTC sojourn, the participating trail operators decided to continue their collaborative efforts. Before long, other trail operators joined them. The result is The Trans Allegheny Trails System.

The ultimate goal of the Trans Allegheny Trails’ operators is to connect as many of our trails as possible into a continuous system. Meanwhile, provides ways for you to connect them yourself. There are:

Members of the Trans Allegheny Trails System

Members of the Trans Allegheny Trails system include:

Contact us for further information on the Trans Allegheny Trails by e-mail: or by phone at
(814) 940-1421.

Then experience our region of rail-trails with attitude!


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