Cyclists on Bike Trail in Pennsylvania

Our Trails Have a Bit of Attitude

Looking for rail trails? Oh, we’ve got them, but some of ours have a bit of attitude! The Alleghenies’ terrain is tough and rocky. When the Main Line Canal and Pennsylvania Railroad picked their way through in the 1800s, they followed the rivers and streams – and made their rights-of-way as level as possible. But in some instances engineers had to come up with ingenious developments like the Allegheny Portage Railroad, which lifted boats and people over the Allegheny Front.

Today, the Trans Allegheny Trails System offers trails that go through some of the Alleghenies’ most scenic areas. And in most cases, grades are kept to 4 percent or less. But we’ve had to get a bit ingenious in places, too – such as on the West Penn, where you have to lift your bike up and over Bow Ridge. (It’s not that tough.)

Don’t worry! You can scout out all of our trails right here, so that you will know what you’re getting into and can avoid anything that makes you uncomfortable.  If you have specific questions, contact the appropriate trail operator or reach out to us (or the trail operators) through our contact page or  call (814) 940-1421.

Then visit and learn how great an experience rail trails
can be when they have a bit of attitude!


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